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about  us

Haining Jihua Composite Material Co.,ltd. is located in the scenic spot, the capital city of Zhejiang, Haining. East to Shanghai, West to Hangzhou, with excellent location and convenient transportation.

The company specializes in the research, development, production and marketing of geosynthetics. The products are widely used in railway and highway subgrade reinforcement, isolation, filtration, tunnel seepage control, slope protection, etc. We have strong technical force, advanced management concept, perfect after-sales service, is a young and vibrant modern enterprise.

The company has passed the certification of ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. The products have been tested by the authoritative departments of the state, and all the performance indicators have exceeded the national standards. We insist on earning trust by sincerity, winning by quality, creating value for customers with excellent quality, reasonable price, fast service and cordial cooperation with new and old customers.

Kyrgyzstan vision: innovation and development, and become a famous brand in China's building materials industry.

Kyrgyzstan concept: let employees grow with enterprises and create value for customers.

Our core philosophy is: 

Survival concept: only the right way, can we live forever.

Development concept: sacrificing the ego and completing the big self

The concept of competition: to surpass oneself, to be a soldier without fighting.

Sales concept: sales are all for love.

Service concept: customer centered and service with love.

Brand concept: brand creates value, value creates wealth.

Wealth idea: money is a worldly possessions. Growth is the first wealth of life.

Working concept: to practice a simple method to the extreme is a unique skill.

The idea of being a man is to be rich enough to gather people and to be generous enough to get people.

Employment philosophy: position first, ability second

Organizing ideas: creating platforms and accomplishments

The concept of achievement: ordinary people pursue goals, excellent people surpass goals, and remarkable people create miracles.


On behalf of all the staff of Jihang, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all leaders at all levels, friends, all strategic 

partners and people from all walks of life who care about and support the development of Jihang.

After years of hard work and hard work, I have struggled and struggled for years. Jilin people worked hard and created the 

brilliant foundation of Kyrgyzstan, which broke out the new sky of Kyrgyzstan. It has made Kyrgyzstan an influential company in the building materials industry of Zhejiang, and its products are sold throughout the country.

Time is like song, treading like a dance. Looking back over the past few years, our hearts are surging; looking forward to the future, we are full of enthusiasm. No matter how far we go, the course of a few years is only a short moment in the long course of history. No matter how brilliant our achievements are, they can only represent the past history.

Today, we will uphold the rich cultural heritage accumulated over the past few years, adhere to the core values of "being sincere and doing things conscientiously", adhere to the company quality policy of "pursuing excellence, basing on the world, weaving fine products, customer satisfaction", and adhere to the principle of "people-oriented, pragmatic innovation, honest management, pursuit of excellence". Enterprise management concept, with the development direction of "taking the road of professional industrialization", strives to achieve "to be the most influential enterprise in building materials industry".

We regard the market, customers, quality and talent as the most important and valuable four elements for the existence and development of enterprises. The success of a business is inseparable from the support of every customer. "Starting from customer requirements, and finally customer satisfaction" is the core of our business management. As long as customers give us a service opportunity, we will return customer satisfaction with practical actions. This is our constant commitment!

We establish a firm and sober sense of quality. Uphold professionalism, focus on core strengths, strive for excellence, and strive for excellence and consistency. With high-quality products and in-place services, we constantly improve product value and enterprise value, which is our eternal pursuit!

Now, Jinji Airlines is concentrating on its business, devoting all its efforts to the development of enterprises, striving to refine, strengthen and expand the cause, forming a new core competitiveness of Jinji Airlines, and striving to build a high-quality brand of series products in building materials industry.

I hope to become friends with you forever. May our cause create brilliant future together.