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Glass Gecomposite

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Glass Filaments Composite Geotextiles is composed of glass filaments and needle punched polyester non-woven. It is one new geosynthetics material which is used in the construction and reconstruction of asphalt road surface to avoid refilctive split, water damage and reinforcement road surface strength. After absorbing asphalt material.

A、Preverting performance. it can stand high temperature asphalt material. After composing with asphalt material.
B、The anti-crack performance is high tensile strength at low elongation It can effectively eliminate the stress concentration in the junction or cracking place
C、Temperature resistance performance reinforced by glass fiber. It possesses high heat resistance and perfect cold proof performance. The normal working temperature is -100℃-280℃. So there is no regional restriction.

A.Road surface construction, rconstruction and widening.
B.Paving asphalt pavement on the old cement concrete road.
C.Repairing split of the asphalt road surface, or maintenance of old asphalt road.