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Polyeste Geocomposite

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Polyester composite geotextile is a high-strength polyester fiber and non-woven fabrics made by weaving composite, the perfect combination of high strength geogrid and nonwoven geotextile drainage performance advantages, mainly used in soft soil, land reclamation and other projects, add Zhu, filtration, drainage, protection, isolation.

1, high tensile strength
2, the corrosion resistance
3, good water permeability
4, anti-microbial
5, the material soft and easy construction.

1, land reclamation project Zhu soil, drainage, filtration.
2, water dams and Zhu drainage, filtration, homogenization base stress beam deformation of foundation prevent cushion clogging, to accelerate the consolidation drainage to improve the strength and stability of the foundation.
Slope Retaining Wall Zhu, improve its stability.
4, dams, drainage software enhanced filtration and drainage.