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Geocells is made of high intensity HDPE flats which are welded together accordding to certain specification.They can be stretched out and folded. It is very convenient for us to use,light and easy to transportship them.Stretch them out fill into the cells with stone or concrete then a grid framework comes into being.It can enomously improve the bearing capability of the foundation by using geocell as underlay. especially in soft area.It can also be used
in the building of slope protecting frame and suporting frame and the effecet is very remarkable.

A.Light materials,wear-resistant,chemical properties of stability,anti-aging,acid corrosion,apply in different soil and desert soil and other conditions.
B.The higher the lateral limits and anti-skid, anti-deformation, the strengthening of effective subgrade bearing capacity and load dispersion.
C.Change geocell height, distance, such as welding geometry to meet the needs of different projects.
D.Scalable, transport small, easy connectivity, the construction speed.

A.Widely apply in dealing with railways and highways of the reinforcement of soft foundation works.
B.Slope protection, retaining walls, desert, beach wall, such as roads and flood control works.